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Dating Advice From CEO’s


After the last few dates, I’m no longer listening to dating experts. Instead, I’m listening to multi billion dollar CEO’s and applying their logic to my dating game!

No Doubt Reed says it best! Say “Bye Felipe,” to that ‘jerk’ who may think he’s brilliant in his own eyes. However, much like a corporation, you need to put value on yourself. After all, who has time for jerks? If your guy or gal is a jerk… you will fail! Game Over!


Exactly! Don’t waste time worrying about why that person did not text, call, or send you some of those gross chalky candy hearts for Valentine’s day… Life is short move on.


I love me some “Dick” Branson! And I love VIRGIN! You know it’s all about the


Next time you are out on a date… watch how your date not only treats you, but: the valet driver, the wait staff, and even the homeless guy on the street asking for a dollar.


I don’t know about you, but I’d like to win in life! A strong, emotionally healthy, and available partner can help you do that. Dump the looser and….

Go For The Win!!!


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