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Meanwhile, In Los Feliz …

A man / woman can not be comfortable without his own approval

-Mark Twain 

Continuing on my #selflove journey for the month of LOVE, I decided to take an early morning walk in Los Feliz. I had to drop my mother off incredibly early this morning at the Kaiser Resort on Sunset Blvd for another procedure.

I love Los Feliz! I walked the streets of Vermont and Hillhurst frequently when I use to work on Sunset Blvd.. it’s a great neighborhood technically located in “East”Hollywood, full of art and ecclectic eateries. A perfect place to clear the mind and de stress. 

The Alcove is one of my favorite spots. I wandered in since my go to “Figaro Cafe” was slow to open, but what can I expect from the French? I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy carb loaded breakfast. The Alcoves menu is vast with so many “American” style breakfasts choices. 

But, as I like to eaves drop on people’s conversations, I was intrigued by the order of one particularly tall gentleman wearing pink tennis shoes. 

I’ll have egg whites scrambled with a side of avocado, a side of bacon and a side of mixed fruit.

-Tanner, The Tanner Special 

His companion doubled the order. I then tripled but slightly modified with regular scrambled eggs and chamomile tea. 

I then thanked “Tanner” for his trend setting breakfast idea that was exactly what I was looking for! 

If you are ever feeling disconnected and pulled in many directions, take a walk in Los Feliz have a nosh at the Alcove and order the “Tanner” special.


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