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Carpe Diem : Spontaneous #Selflove: Malibu & Mai tai’s 

What do you do when your BMW fails a smog check? Take it into the dealer of course. What do you do when they give you the keys to a brand new BMW X5 ? Take a mini road trip to Malibu… of course! 

Yeah… sometimes you just gotta do and not think too much! 

It’s been raining for days here in Cali. So us Californians, at least Us that  live  in the south must take advantage of those “Winter” sunny days before the floodgates open up in the heavens yet again…

But oh how beautiful was my journey down the not so trafficy 5 south to 134 west to 101 north to Las Virgenes, through the beautiful green mountains ( I always thought the Cali mountains were brown!) hang a right on PCH and … you get BEACH! 

After a few hours of soaking up the sun and sea air, I headed down PCH to Duke’s for a mai tai and some fish tacos. 

Unfortunately, the X5 turns into a pumpkin at 7pm. And my 328i is smog free again with a new radiator! 

Gotta play when you can! 😜

Happy Vantine’s Day! Cheers ❤

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