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Palm Springs Modernisim Week: Art, Booze & Fire Down 111

It’s Modernisim Week in Palm Springs! Art is everywhere!

Unfortunately, I’m a few days late due to the torrential rainstorms that hit Los Angeles like a crazy island hurricane! Ouch it was brutal… but I made it after weathering the storm.

I hit Highway 111, and there were several art galleries having openings including my fav: Shag!

Who can resist Shag? He’s way too cool! And so are his colorful whimsical Modernisim prints. My first stop for the evening where I met a charming woman from Montana while waiting in line for a cocktail and going Gaga for this amazing art! The band with xylophone was impressive and swanky.

Taking a stroll down 111 is always interesting … 777 had an array of exotic vintage cars just sitting around….

And we all should be so lucky to have a painting of a clown holding a cockatiel hanging in our homes.

Continuing on my stroll of open galleries offering free booze, appetizers and on silver platter, while men wearing funny pants are engaged in intense convos, these were a find:

I ordered a dozen of linen napkins for my next dinner party! Consider yourself lucky if you get a VIP invite. Haters only of course…

Everywhere I walked the night got more interesting and the people better looking with each free cocktail I sipped on. A large Shepard dog even licked my right hand and then politely moved to sit in back of his owner leaving me with: “anybody got  purel?” Well what can I say, that’s been very typical of my dates lately… they get what they want and take off leaving me full of slobber!

An inebriated woman stopped to tell me about all her favorite modernisim libations offered at : The Kitchen Bar. And yes they do have some pretty delicious ones indeed.

I did LOVE this piece of course! 

I ended my journey at Birba, sitting by the fire with a glass of vino. The gentleman sitting next to me  was reading soap dish on his iPad. 

Birba does Italian well with their meatballs: mixture of beef and pork, and zucchini pasta with tomatoe sauce,broccoli and spinach. It’s my favorite dish so far and I think I’m going to steal it for my”Fuck Off”dinner party for the haters! 

Such a beautiful eclectic start to Modernisim Week 2017 In Palm Springs! 

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Muaw 💋

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