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Tamale Fest: Indio

It’s December: time for tamales!

Tamale fest in Indio; a place where you can experience local culture, and of course tamales.

Tamale: traditional mesoamerican dish made of massa or dough usually from corn or a starchy substance. Steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. They can be filled with: meats, vegetables, cheeses , chilis or fruits. And seasoned to taste with various sauces.

I decided to order the “chili relleno” tamales that won the 2016 award for best tamales. Yes the line was long but worth the wait.

The masa was soft, the cheese oozy, and the chili savory. The tamale was perfect and seasoned with a tangy not too spicey chili relleno sauce. Definitely an award winner. 

I love a good Mexican street corn. 

Selfies with “Mr. Tamale” are always fun!

Tamale fest takes place the first weekend in December in Indio. Definite must especially if you ❤️tamales!

Buen Provecho!

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