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The Night I Met A Prince … And Talked To The Mayor About A Parking Ticket…

When you get a text message that reads:

I got tickets to a gala at the Palm Springs Art Museum… Linda Lavin will be performing.

You really don’t ask too many questions, except :

Whose Linda Lavin?

Iconic Linda Lavin. 
Famous for her Broadway performances and of course the hit TV show from the late 70’s-mid 80’s “Alice.” 

She’s still rockin it onstage at age 80!

Mayor Moon, Mayor of Palm Springs was in the audience. I had a beef to pick with him regarding a parking ticket. 

After Linda performed her solo show… the evening opened up to a reception.

I was mingling sipping champagne, my friend Barry leans over and whispers:

I’ve just met a Prince! And he’s tall and loves yoga! 

Curious, I turned to see who Barry was whispering about. And it was this guy:

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg Lippe. He’s the son of Prince Christian Schaumburg of Lippe and Princessa Feodora of Denmark, and the great grandson of King Frederick VII of Denmark. 

He’s also an actor. 

That’s where I recognized him from: 

Me: Weren’t you on a reality show where you dated several woman to be your princess?

Prince: Oh I was on several reality shows: Millionaire Matchmaker, The Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and so many others… I’m an actor.

Me: Did you ever meet your princess? 

Prince: Of course not! It’s television… it’s all fake…! 

I guess reality TV shows like fairytales don’t come true.

After the prince and I bid farewell to each other … and I left him my shoe ( not really… but it sounds fun) we exchanged business cards. Mine does have a picture of my “red shoes” on it.

The bartender asked:

Bartender: Is that guy really a prince?

Me: Yes… and and actor… look he gave me his postcard with all his credentials. 

Who says you can’t meet Prince’s at balls. 

Maybe Disney Fantasies do come true. 

What did come true was my fantasy of discussing my recent parking ticket in Palm Springs with Mayor Moon.

Mayor Moon: Can I share your table?

Me: Of course Mayor Moon, everyone loves you! You’re doing such a great job as the mayor of Palm Springs. 

Mayor Moon: thanks..

Me: I got a parking ticket the other day… 

Mayor Moon listened as I lamented about my parking ticket. How I had not payed attention to the 2 HR time limit. How I didn’t think anyone got tickets in Palm Springs. How I forgot about the time because… it’s a lazy resort town. 

He smiled and left to refresh his cocktail. 

The reality of the matter is I still gotta pay my ticket… and that Prince well… he’s an actor!

The End!👠

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