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“S” For Single : The Millennial Scarlet Letter. POV

Presidential candidate Maia Sandu addresses a press conference after the closing of the polling stations, during the presidential election, at the Action and Solidarity Party’s (PAS) headquarters, in Chisinau, October 30, 2016.
Ex-Soviet Moldova went to the polls on October 30 in its first popular presidential election since the 1990s, seen as a tug-of-war between supporters of closer relations with Russia and those seeking EU integration. / AFP / DANIEL MIHAILESCU (Photo credit should read DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP/Getty Images)

“She is not married, though everybody knows the rules of the presidential protocol: appearance in public must be together with spouse,” said former President Vladimir Voronin, the chairman of the communist party. Voronin has also said he would refuse to even shake Sandu’s hand and called her “the laughing stock, the sin and the national disgrace of Moldova.”

Views from a misogynist stuck in the middle ages on Maia Sandu, Presdential candidate Maldova, Romania

Seems like there’s another fellow “Notoriouslysinglegirl” running for Prez in Romania. She even published a book educating the public on sex which can be found in the Romanian library.


A gal after my own heart, and someone I would actually vote for if I were a Romanian citizen.

Maia Sandu is not the only person being chastised for being single, it seems to be the latest taboo, the new millennial scarlet letter. More than females, I’ve encountered several newly male divorce’s who can’t utter the word: D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

“I thought I would be married forever. The dating game has changed.”

Newly Divorced Recent Tinder Connection

Not only has the dating game changed, but the game of life has changed. Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever.

It seems comical to me that in 2016, people are still scoffing at single people. There’s a strange false notion that if you are single with no immediate family that you created, you become: “less than.”

I use to see this in the corporate world day in and day out. Those who were married and had children got special privileges: calling in sick, leaving early, maternity/paternity leaves. All the while, the single people were treated as slaves: called in at all hours to come to work, “You don’t have any where special to go, or family, you are single!” Asked to work late, and never given a “Single shower,” even though countless money was chipped in for fellow coworkers … the betrothed’s.

Newsflash: single people have important lives too.

No, we don’t have children’s soccer games, school recitals, or noses to wipe with our bare hands. But our : dance classes, expensive dinners with friends, and exotic vacations are important!

It’s 2016, social media is controlling the dating world and has made people think “DTF” is acceptable, it’s just the way it is.

How is anyone suppose to get married and enjoy it when society and corporate america has made it virtually impossible. How are you suppose to raise a child when you work 60 plus hour days, more than 9 to 5? Pay a mortgage, rent, child’s tuition, etc. and enjoy life?

Yet, being single is frowned upon. Because you don’t have a proper date? It looks bad in public? What?

I’ve heard the arguments and seen the people who somehow “make it happen!” Those are the ones on the way to divorce while driving their depressed children to therapy and don’t realize it because they have to pay for that car.

Next time someone scoffs you down for being the “S” word, ridicules you for showing up sans plus ONE at your holiday party:

“Let Them Eat Cake…

……………………….Preferably chocolate!”


Bravo to Maia … and I can’t wait to read her book on SEX!


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