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Salted Citrus Martini: Tropicale Palm Springs

Pucker Pucker … it’s the Salted Citrus Martini @Tropicale Palm Springs.

My new fav cocktail and #selfie vacay hang. Loved sipping on this salty masterpiece while I eavesdropped on the 2 tables I was nestled in between. 

Muddled Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemon, 42 Below Vodka, Shaken w/ Grapefruit Juice served in a salted rimmed martinin glass..

Tropicale has the best cocktails and bottomless mimosas for brunch.

The convos were a bit on the boring side, no scandal.

One table of six, a bunch of retired folk chatted about their adult children. The other table a bunch of guys talking about social security and post election woes. Yawn! 

I highly recommend the salty Citrus Martini… but eavesdrop on your fellow patrons with discretion. A person from each table made a point to stop by and say: “We hope we didn’t disturb you!”

“Not at all!”


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