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Integratron; Landers California 

“Knowledge is nothing more than the realization of what exists.”

George Van Tassel

The Integratron. Located in the middle of nowhere aka Landers California. 

Tucked behind the Yucca valley exists this futuristic structure.

George Van Tassel built the structure after he boarded an alien spacecraft and was given the blueprints in the 1950’s. This one of a kind wood dome sits on an intersection of geometric forces. 

The main purpose for the structure was suppose to be for rejuvenation and time travel.

The property the integratron sits on is peaceful and relaxing. 

Hammock ville was one of my favorites…

After a few minutes of relaxing it was time to board the integratron. 

A beautiful acoustic building where several of us “time travelers” paid $25.00 to take a trip while a man played crystal bowls for approximately 30 minutes. 

The crystal bowl sound bath is equivalent to meditating for 2 months. All the negativity will fall off.

The Crystal Bowl Muscian

The acoustics in the building are incredible. The vibrations intense. I felt like I left my physical body and was floating all over the room. And I did do a bit of time travel which was wild. 

Post time travel trip. Everything looked brighter and crisp. I felt more focused, relaxed, and euphoric. 

I hung out for a bit longer till I felt grounded enough to drive.
If you are planning a trip to Landers, you have to make a reservation. They are sold out months in advance. But, you might just be lucky like me, and get in last minute! 

Live Long And Prosper 👽🖖🏿

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