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One Date Wonders:Why Internet Dating Sucks

Robert Walker as Corporal Joe Allen and Judy Garland as Alice Mayberry

I was on and E-Harmony. E-Harmony was great because it asked you to fill out a detailed psychological survey of yourself to find you the PERFECT mate! I noticed several of the women I started going out with drove the same color, make, and model car I was driving: A white Acura Integra!”

The Guy Sitting At A Bar With His Wife He Finally Met Online



I’m on a dating hiatus! I even went on a European vacation to get over the many “One Date Wonders” that I endured this summer. And it’s been nice.

It gets old going on “One Date Wonders!

What are “One Date Wonders” you ask?

They are dates that you go on ONE time. Chances are you won’t even lay eyes on that person again, because they probably have nothing in common with you and don’t hang out where you hang out.Or much like me, you’ll see them in awkward places like jogging at the Rose Bowl or your favorite storytelling event.

Sometimes I wish I could be transported back in Doc Martin’s Delorean and go back to the 90’s when there was no internet, no smart phones, and people shared eye contact.


Dating was simple.

You met. Sometimes you encountered that person a few times before the real connection actually happened. And eventually a date would occur. The dates were fun. They were about connecting and getting a mate! Sharing time together. Helping each other out, (fill in the blank!)

Today, I don’t even know what the DATING objective is anymore?

A former co-worker shared her dating woes with me recently:

“Im done with online dating. I’m burnt out. These guys are weird. I’ve been stood up twice!”

It’s tough meeting a total stranger for the first time. Especially if you are seeking to make them a love interest. I always like looking at a guys hands when I’m on a date: Shaking! Yes, I’ve been on many dates where the guys hands were shaking and I only diagnosed one with having Pre Parkinsonian Syndrome!

I can understand the ‘being stood up’ part. I’ve never stood anyone up.If I wasn’t feeling up to the date, I usually cancel a few hours before.But I get it …

First dates are nerve racking!


Yes, I have those few friends who have met their significant other online. And as online dating pioneer myself, I have met many nice “friends,” some whom I still speak to today.

The reality is you are probably meeting someone who you  have nothing in common with. And much like my bar buddy, if you take a match making survey, you can share similar interests, but have no LOVE connection! An online research study states that: 88% of the people who met online had nothing in common and if it was not for the internet, they would probably have never met at all.

A total set up for disappointment and dating burnout!

Personally, I’m not sure how long my online dating hiatus will last. But, I challenge all the online daters to do the same. Instead of swiping right or left on your phone, put it down entirely. Look into someone eyes, and say: “HELLO!”


Due to the surprise and amazement, they may think you are strange, and run away! But at least you tried to make NORMAL eye contact with another human being! Pat yourself on the back and try again, you are bound to succeed…maybe!








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