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Pompeii & All It’s Phallus’s

Ah Pompeii! A city I’ve been waiting to see for about 16 years.

Every time I go to Italy to visit family, they ask me where I want to go, and every time I say “Pompeii!” 

They usually respond: there’s nothing to see in Pompeii but a bunch of destroyed buildings!

That’s true but they forgot to mention all the “Phallacies!” 

Penis’s are everywhere and probably a way for men to leave their mark.  Sorry Beyoncé… Seems like Penis’s ruled Pompeii’s world! You can even step on one for good luck! 

Pompeii is a big Disneyland of sorts for the southern Italians with over 16 k acres of a destroyed society by a mighty volcano named “Vesuvius” to get lost in.

I took a tour with a gal named “Teeereeesaaaa!” That’s how she said her name in English! Ok I hate tours but I got sucked in with the other English speaking people. At least she took us to the important part!

“Lupanare” where all the ” She Wolves” hung out aka “prostitutes!” 

The brothel’s beds were made of stone and much like Mc Donald’s, displayed a menu overhead.

Thanks “Teeereeesaaaa!” Everyone wants to be a comedian these days… Even in Pompeii!

Pompeii is an interesting city to see. Once buried under lava and ash. There’s still a little something left. If you find yourself in Naples and have a few hours to spare, hop on the Vesuviana and check it out! A word of warning… Cruise ships disembark in Naples a this have plenty of excursions = it’s very much like Disneyland = crowded! 

And on your way back stop at one of the trattorias along the train station and have some pasta puttanesca, translated it means whore  pasta! 

Buon Apetito! 

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