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Napoli: Coffee & Cocktails

Napoli has got to have some of the best coffee and cocktails… Or at least the prettiest!

What I love to do in Italy is stop at a bar (they are literally on every corner) and grab a quick coffee… Usually an espresso while standing!

Thankfully, I didn’t see a Starbucks anywhere. And unlike Starbucks, people stand at the bar grab a quick espresso, shoot the shit for a minute and then take off… Probably to another bar. 

My favorite was the “stretto espresso” with a side of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Best pomegranate juice I’ve ever had!

Cocktail hour in Napoli was fun and tasty!

I drank what the locals were drinking: Aperol spritz accompanied by tarrali, olives, chips, and crackers!

Although you can’t beat a Kir Royal with a sunset view of the coast accompanied by more tarrali and hazelnuts!

Cient Anni! 

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