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Puglia Wedding: A Great Excuse To Travel To Italy

Weddings are a great excuse to travel…

My cousin’s wedding in Adelfia, Bari in the Pugliese region of Italy, was my excuse.

As soon as I landed from my 4 day holiday in London, there was a meet and greet at my cousin’s rooftop apartment. There’s a great view of Adelfia, a small town in Bari with a population of 16 k.

The flower girl and I ( my little cuggina) chatted about the upcoming nuptials and her big walk down the aisle that she had been relentlessly practicing for. 

Unfortunately British Air lost my bags. And were unable to deliver them to London. And 5 days into my European adventure, and a wedding on the horizon, I’m still negative one luggage with three wedding outfits.

Fortunately, I have a cousin from France who is the same size as I am… Shoes and all. 

My motto: there’s always a solution for every problem! 

She has a great sense of style and went undergarment shopping with me at a local lingerie boutique. After all, proper undergarments make the outfit.

Our evening snack after shopping: Panzerotti… Typical Barese fried dough stuffed with mozzarella and tomatoes. 

The night before the wedding, we had more panzerotti.

And of course there was cake!

I got to spend some time with the FOB ( Father Of The Bride) who is my first cousin. 

The day of the wedding, everything was a hustle and bustle!

The doorbell rings, I the American cousin answer in between my glam session. 

“E Pronto LA Sposa?”

Ask two anxious women as I answer the door.

Many of the local women in the neighborhood come to the brides house to wish her good luck on her way to church to marry her ragazzo! 

And wait for her as she makes her descent with her wanna be mafioso father aka my first cousin. 

A thumbs up from my happy cousin means she’s ready to get the show on the road ! 

The church ceremony was sweet. It took place at the same church my parents got married in.

After the bride a groom make their grand exit, rain of rice and several selfies… It’s time for the real party to begin! 

The festivities took place at Tenuta  Pinto, a beautiful country villa in Rutigliano.

Good eats were everywhere! 

Typical foods from puglia were served! Buffalo mozzarella freshly made table side, an array of proscuittos, capicollas, sausage fava bean and chicooria to name a few.

The bride and groom made their grand entrance!

Followed by more food, fun and music!


Prickly pears, typical pugliese fruit. 

And let’s not forget the espresso! Sharing a cup with my favorite cuggi Mike! 

Great fun! 

And I even caught the bouquet! 

Puglia is an amazing place to visit! An extra plus if you get invited to a wedding… Guarenteed to make your vacation one of the best ever!


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