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London: Pints &Tea make everything better

London: 4 days of no luggage with only a pair of jeans, a few knit tops and a little black dress to wear!

Speaking to British Air to get my luggage back was exactly like floghing a dead horse!

Communication was terrible. Call centers are in India. Misinformation was the main genre!

Unlike America, the U.K. Has terrible customer service. The US is all about the customer! Having worked as a nurse for 20 years, and taken numerous courses on customer service ( I even attended Disney University), this was difficult to swallow!

So I just drank instead!

Thankfully, I met up with my cousin Flávio and his friend Sharon.

And we danced and drank lots of pints! 

Which always makes everything better!

Pies are great too!

Ice cream is a great treat to cure British Air communication baggage woes! 

The cab drivers were fun, nice and helpful! 

Tea @ the Ritz is sold out for 6 moths… Plan ahead! But there were plenty of great places to have tea along Picadilly Circus!

Siestas in my comfy chic AirB&B was incredibly relaxing buffering my luggage melt down! 
Dim sum, Chinese food and saki shots completed my 4 days adventure sans luggage! 

And I almost forgot about these yummy doughnuts outside Portsmouth train station…encountered after I was leaning to the left side on the escalator exiting the underground. Some Italian guy cussed me out instead of asking me nicely to move! 

Doughnuts and coffee make everything better! 


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