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Who Pays? The Million Dollar Dating Question!



“I guess we are going DUTCH!”

“What’s that?

“I pay for myself and you pay for yourself!”

“Why is it called going DUTCH?”

“I have no clue! You should know you’re DUTCH!”

…. Tinder date with a DUTCH guy from Holland


Ah dating! And paying. That’s always the “Million Dollar” question. Yes, it’s not the 1950’s and women are working. But stat’s do show, generally speaking men make more…just saying!

GQ writer Rose Sunrow examines this age old quandry in her article: Should You Pay for Dinner? (And Your Other Old-School Dating Questions, Answered!)

First dates should be kept simple. Especially if you are meeting for the first time. Many of the men I date usually will pick up the bill. I do offer to chip in, and or pay tip. If a second date manifests I usually tend to treat. But hey what can I say, I’m an old fashion kind of first date gal!

Then again, I’ve been on first dates where there was no money involved: hiking, tennis,  the beach or a bike ride. Those were fun!


But I do agree with Rose… Always dress up for a date, look your best, and at the very least smell your best! Even if you are going hiking! Don’t wear your holy shorts.. Save those for church!

Happy Dating!

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