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Molfetta, Bari, Italy: Good Eats @ The Madonna Of The Martyrs

Molfetta is a fishing village located in southern Italy’s apulia region in the city of Bari.

It boasts a poulation of 65 k. It’s famous inhabitant Dominic Leiccessi stole Missolini’s corpse.

The Madonna Of The Martyrs is Molfetta’s patron saint. On her special day, she brings with her many good eats that are typical of this region.

We started our “Madonna” watching tour along with good eats at the house of friend.

Classic focaccia: both with tomatoes and without, tarrali, and torta di ananais (pineapple upside down cake).

We then watched the “Madonna” head down the street in a procession from a swanky balcony that overlooks the sea.

After the Madonna makes her grand exit from the sea, we head down for a “SANGWICH!”

Prosciutto, prosciutto cotto, salami picante, capicolla, mortadella and a few others….

There are no words! Plus my mouth was too full to comment!

And of course … You gotta leave room for dessert: Classic Molfetta ice cream!

Yummy Flor di latte covered in chocolate with a cookie bottom… Cherry on top!

A domani!

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