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Pizza Festival: Napoli

In Napoli .. Where love is King… When boy Meets girl… Here’s what they say:

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s AMORE!❤️

Dean Martin, That’s Amore

Napoli! Home of the PIZZA! 

On my #Notoriouslysinglegirl #selfievacay in Italy, I finally visited Napoli! 

Apparently, September 5-11 is a perfect time to visit if you love pizza! 

There’s a gianormous pizza festival that takes place on lungo mare, the main strand. 

Probably over 50 “pizziolos” from all over Napoli making all types of pizzas! 

The pizza village seemed to go on for miles and miles.

It was difficult to choose just one pizza to try!

I finally settled on this one.

Made by 2 brothers from Naples who won a few trophies for their pizzas!

The pizza was “ok”… Actually a bit sour and undercooked. But for 12 Euros, which included a drink, dessert, and of course espresso, I’ll give it a pass! 

I gained new pizza knowledge. I never knew there was a “pizza university” or a “pizza association!” 

The festival is a must if you love pizza and are planning a trip to Italy soon! 

They even have pizza making classes with top pizza chefs!

Mangia A piz! 

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