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#SelfieVacay:London Day 2 Missing Luggage, The River Themes, and Brexit Protests

Panic in the streets of London

Panic on the streets of Birmingham

I wonder to myself

Could life ever be sane again?

The Smiths, Hang The DJ

It’s the song that I’ve been singing ever since I landed in London and British Airways forgot to load my luggage in San Jose, California!

Mercury is in retrograde and has decided to kick my ass or “arse!”

Day 2 no luggage! But, again I’m lucky to have a great air B&B and extra clothes on my carryon!

I took a cruise on the river Themes.

Jet lag got the best of me and I fell asleep while we were at a dock somewhere up the river. I thought the whole tour was 70 minutes. But it turned out to be 2 hrs long! 

I hit the Tower of London where Bloody Mary ( Queen Mary) cut off hundreds of people’s heads for treason! A bit creepy! The Crown Jewels are kept here… I personally think they are fakes! 

Walking in front of Bukingham Palace … Brisk beautiful day!

Enjoying my coffee along the way.. I know I know… ” I’m sooo LA!”

Then I got lost in Hyde Park!

We should all have gates with Unicorn’s and Monkey’s dancing around… I’m not sure if that’s a monkey though…

Then I got caught up in a ‘Brexit’ protest! 

At the end of the day… A pint was well deserved! Cheers! On to day 3 stay tuned! 

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