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#SelfieVacay: London, UK Day 1

Here is London… Giddy London is it home of the free? Oh what?….SuedeHead

. Morrissey 

Ah London! 

I finally decided to check you out.. See what all the pomp, circumstance and that woman that lives in a castle is all about.

Unfortunately, British Air lost my luggage for my entire trip! 4 days with only a few outfits!  Thanks to the counsel of my hairdresser Mathew… Who has had quite a few encounters with missing luggage. I packed a few extra outfits, and of course underwear in my carryon! A great tip to remember!

Oh Hairdresser On Fire…. SuedeHead, Morrissey

But my AirB&B was amazingly cozy, clean, and  in the middle of Piccadilly Circus! And it had a washer/ dryer all in one that was my salvation! 

Piccadilly Circus is def. that! A crazy circus of tourist! 

I love these little sandwiches, a Brit mom recommended them to her kids at the train station! And yes they were indeed yummy!

More London to come! Stay tuned! 


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