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Canon and Rodeo: Adventures in BH 

It’s Firday in Los Angeles.. And it’s Hot!

A late lunch date planned in BH ( Beverly Hills) took me to the corner of Canon where I crossed a double line and made an illegal u turn in my BMW. 

” Oh, I bet there’s a cop behind me” were my thoughts, and no sooner did I enter my “porn star” parking spot did I see the flashing lights in my rear view mirror.

I started growing breasts when I was in third grade, and I hated them. Today, they are a big asset and get me out of parking tickets.

The officer looked down at my cleavage and said: ” I know you wanted this nice parking space. You are lucky it’s hot and I don’t want to sit here and write you a ticket.” Ah, and he was married. Cheap thrills, perks on the job!

Having felt like I won the lottery, I clicked my Vince Camuto heels and walked into Il Pastio to meet my date.

We dined on prosciutto and burata followed by pappardelle di zucca, and veal costolleta paired with a Pinot Grigio. 

 Sorry no pics… We were hungry and it was all too delish! 

The espresso and speaking Italian with our witty Italian waiter made the experience memorable. We explored the term ” Furba” or ” Furbiza” which is the Italian art of being sly, my date encountered a childhood friend who is a Mexican superstar, and we left with full satisfied tummies.

Wallys across the street was our happy hour stop. A beautiful wine bar with elegant floral displays and walls and walls of wines. Friday night is a happening hot spot for Wally’s … The place was packed with beautiful people which included ourselves!

The sparkling rose was refreshing on the new almost summer evening.

My date and I strolled down Canon and onto Rodeo. We window shopped expensive fashion, toured Crate and Barrel and planned my future 5 star kitchen for my million dollar home. 

And then my date tried to put me in a cage! Well, that didn’t last long….

We ended up back at Wally’s for more wine and this devine DarkChocolate  Fondaunt topped with gold leaf and raspberry sorbet. 

The dessert attracted attention like a Bravo reality TV star. Speaking of which Real estate mogul and BH Housewives star Mohammed was spotted sipping wine with friends. 

Canon and Rodeo made for an intriguing lunch and gluttonous happy hour in BH! 

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