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The Dark Side Of Being Single: Obsessed? Perhaps Your Date Has Put You In A Love Trance


After several months, several tinder exchanges, a few text messages, a lunch date gets planned.

You meet up in a crowded restaurant, your eyes catch, and it’s that look. Not just any look. The look that makes time stand still.

Unknown-9Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys.

For an instant, people around you seem to stop as you and your date gaze into each others eyes. It’s as if you are in the movie The Matrix and you’re expecting Morpheous to appear and say: “Yup you guys have found each other…. finally!”

It’s the look of love…. Just like ABC sings! Such a great video BTW


 Is it really the look of love? Or has your date just mesmerized you? Putting you in a “Love Trance?”

You get that warm fuzzy feeling while you sit across from them eating a terrible wilted yellow salad. Who cares about the salad? You’re in a trance! You could be eating dirt and you wouldn’t care because you keep starring into your dates eyes and you have the “warm and fuzzies!”

It’s the feeling of love. Warm radiant love.

Looking deep into their optic nerve. I look into patients optic nerves with my scope daily.  Each of the second pair of cranial nerves, transmitting impulses to the brain from the retina at the back of the eye.



No wonder you get mesmerized! The optic nerve is sending signals to you brain connecting you to your date totally hooking you!

Look into their eyes…like you are trying to find their fuckin’ optic nerve!

Only if it’s a lady though. If you are talking to a lady, look into her eyes like yours are glued to them!! Even if they’re not the most beautiful part of her, keep gazing at them-while you are talking, while she is talking, while none of you are talking-even while she is talking to someone else…all the while! Don’t fidget while you do it though. Be confident. Hold that gaze even if she avoids it. Learn to smile with your eyes! It is scientifically proven that when you look into a lady’s eyes, hormones are released into her body, which attract her to you! Before long, she will find a strange warmth and trust in you. (Make sure you don’t betray them though.)

On the other hand, guys find it a bit intimidating and often aggressive if some other guy keeps looking into their eyes. In such cases, break the gaze for a second and then be back at it! (excerpt from online source)

 It’s interesting how just one gaze can evoke such emotion and enable the release of hormones.

Similar to what a mother and baby share especially when a mom breast feeds. The hormones released between a mother and baby are for bonding ensuring that the mother feeds the infant for survival. And of course that immense feeling of love.

That hormone is called oxytocin.


The hormone and brain chemical best known for its role in love — it’s also responsible for helping infants bond to their mothers — can also make romantic partners look more attractive than strangers to men, even if both are objectively equally good looking.

Oxytocin, Men and Monogomy

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study included 40 young men, all of whom had been in a relationship for at least six months and reported being passionately in love with their partners. While in a brain scanner, they either inhaled oxytocin or placebo via nasal spray while they viewed pictures of either their partners, women they knew but were not dating or women they had never met. The pictures were matched so that comparison women had been rated by independent observers as being equally attractive as the partners. In the men who were given oxytocin, the pleasure and desire regions of their brains lit up when they saw pictures of the women they loved — but not when they looked at strangers. Some of these regions were also activated by the images of the women the men knew, but not as strongly as by the pictures of their loved ones, suggesting that it made their partners more desirable.(Time, Nov 27, 2013).

Interesting that your date can do the same thing!

You suddenly feel drunk, happy, beautiful, and of course obsessed.

You can’t stop thinking about that person no mater how hard you try. No matter how many more Tinder dates you go on. Or hook ups you have.

That person is tattooed onto your brain! They’ve given you the Clark Gable, Joan Crawford and Betty Davies eyes!


This Litho hangs in my bedroom

You want to obsessively  text  them, but you refrain. You read their text messages over and over again.

A week goes by since your date …. and you hear crickets.

Bate and Switch

That person has hooked you and cut the cord. Leaving you heart broken. The love is unrequited and you might as well be one of those characters in Anna Karenina, or a Jane Austin novel.

A few weeks goes and maybe, just maybe they return one of your text messages. Still keeping you hooked. In love with them. Alas, love doesn’t progress.

How To Cut That Nasty Love Cord

The way to cut yourself away from that “Love Cord” (an energetic cord that your date, love, or lover hooks into you, or you into them) is to first become aware.

When you are truly in love with someone, you are rarely obsessed to the point that you can’t think of anything else but them.

Yes, you are happy. You are secure. You glow. People tell you “You are in Love!”

It’s a great warm and fuzzy feeling. Although not the kind that has you feeling like a zombie.

Once you become aware that you are obsessed, you technically snap out of the so called “Love Trance.”

You break the tie that binds. Loose the connection.

Every human being has free will.

Hypnosis or looking deep into someone’s mind affects the subconscious mind. That part of our brain that stores information from childhood. Our deepest thoughts

Your subconscious mind is subjective. It does not think or reason independently; it merely obeys the commands it receives from your conscious mind. Just as your conscious mind can be thought of as the gardener, planting seeds, your subconscious mind can be thought of as the garden, or fertile soil, in which the seeds germinate and grow.

Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys.

Once your conscious mind becomes aware of the “Love Trance” and sees that it has been bestowed upon without mutual consent, it can break it.

The person who corded the trance may feel the loss, and contact you. It’s a sign. You may or may not loose interest in that person. Again, you have free will and the choice is yours.


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