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The Dark Side Of Being Single: When Hair, Makeup, and Fashion Just Ain’t Worth A Tinder Dude

Swipe Left, Left, Left, Right, Left oops I actually liked that one. Right … Bingo a match!

A chat follows…

 Sometimes a teenage boy type request for sex = delete. 

Sometimes a request to meet for drinks, but is he really worth Hair, Makeup, Fashion? 

Let’s face it…. It’s a lot of work to be a female and let’s not mention… Expensive! 

So, is that Tinder guy you just matched with worth the time and money? 

That’s up to you!

As for me, I trust my vibes.

And if I get weird feeling in my gut, or suddenly become incredibly anxious before the date …

 And I’m just not into getting my hair did… It’s a No! 

It’s probably safe to say the date would not have gone well, and we probably didn’t have anything in. Common.

However, if I’m excited, buy a new pair of shoes, and yes get my hair did… Those dates usually go vet well! 

Always follow your gut! It will save you time, money, and a bad date! 

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