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Shame On The Moon: Cathedral City

“Where shall we dine? Sushi, The Ritz, oh wait … I’ll take you to ‘Shame On The Moon!'” 

My latest dining adventure with my ‘date’ for the evening landed us at ‘Shame On The Moon, in Cathedral City.” 

But shame on you if you are not wearing proper dress attire or at least a polo shirt. 

It’s the desert. Ultra desert casual is the norm. There are nudist colony’s on every corner. One does not expect to wear dressy dinner attire.

Fortunately, for my date, the restaurant manager was kind enough to loan him a polo shirt. Muscles T’s are not permitted!
Reminiscent of one those old school places in the desert that Sinatra and his rat pack dined at, Marilyn rendezvoused with a Kennedy, And where Betty Ford enjoyed a couple of martinni’s. Iconic indeed. 

The menu is colorful, and it’s a place where the locals pack the house. You know the food has to be good. 

We started out with the desert favorite ‘gazpacho.’ 

Interesting wine selection. I picked “The Seven Deadly Zins,” and since I was on my way to ‘Zinning,’ I let myself indulge on a few housemade dinner rolls. 

Part of the ‘Prix Fix’ dinner was the Kobe ground beef. Back in the day, it would be your old fashioned ‘Salisbury Steak’ aka gourmet hamburger… And yes it was delish! 

Dessert! There’s always room for it! Carrot cake and ice cream… A great ending to a throwback triad.

Shame On The Moon is a must if you are Cath City. But don’t forget your polo shirt! 

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