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My #Tinder Dates Are Requesting Me To Wear High Heels…..

(Vince Camuto VC Sandria Taupe True Suede) 

” Can you wear high heels?” 

That’s the request that I’ve been getting lately when I get asked out on tinder dates. In the last month, 3/4 guys made the special requests, and yes I fulfilled them!

I know what your thinking how “anti feminist?” I hate feminism and prefer to be called an “equalest.”

Besides, I woukd wear high heels daily till about 2 years ago when I suffered a miniscus tear to my right knee. 

Since I’ve been fulfilling the special high heel requests for my dates…. I’ve been feeling feminine and sexy. My feet look amazing! 

I decided to do an experiment. I walked in a mall wearing my Vintage wedge Charles and David Leopard 5 inch wedges. 
And this is what happened:

1. I slid on a piece of chocolate on a fxxxd up depth perception floor, and almost tore my left knee meniscus.

2. As I walked in a store I hear 2 girls wearing tennis shoes exclaim: ” Damn her shoes are high!” 

…. And out of the two hundred or so people I passed by, I only noticed four females wearing high heels. 

Expert opinion: Nordstrom’s  “Javier” the shoe salesmen: 

” Women are choosing comfort these days. They are buying flats and tennis shoes rather than high heels. That’s what they are wearing when they go out for a night in the town. ”

In fact, all the front displays at Nordi’s had tennis shoes and flats while the back displays had all the high heels, reflecting the demand. 

I also asked “Javiar” what kind of man likes high keels on a woman.

“The high roller guy tends to like high heels on a woman. Usually, the ones who are well dressed themselves. The laid back guy, tends to not care what shoes his woman is wearing. He wants her to be comfortable.” 

My theory: The majority of people who design women’s shoes are men. Christian Lou Boutain, Jimmy Choo, And Manolo Blahnik are just a few. Men design for Men. And that explains why men love high heels! Since”Sex and The City” became extinct, so it seems is the high heel. 

Well, I love wearing high heels. They make my legs look amazing and fashionable. And I love watching my tinder dates expressions when they check out my shoes! Priceless! 

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