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Why Unhappy People Are Dangerous


Sabotage must be Lady Mary’s middle name. Throwing knives at her sister Edith’s back is her specialty. And this week she destroyed her sister’s engagement along with chances of becoming richer than herself!


Ah sisters! My rule is to never get involved with them. They have their own special dynamic. Fortunately, I don’t have a sister.



“You are unhappy, that is why you are causing problems!” Edith points the finger at her sis. At least she called her out on her shit, which is what we all should do.


Everyone has been there at one time or another. Amazing things are happening to you. You are happier than a kid on Christmas day. You want all your friends to be your cheerleaders and rejoice and share in your happiness.


And instead they sabotage it.


Unfortunately, at the moment, their life sucks. You are vibing at a high frequency. While they, well are done in the gutter.


Yes, you’ve been working hard to create your empire. Maybe they have been working hard too. Or maybe not?


You took a leap of faith and followed your dreams. And they chose to stay safe.


Maybe they are use to being the “diva’ with all the adoring followers, but when it’s your turn, you get ‘jabbed.’


These “unhappy” people that may have at one time been your friends are now dangerous.


Like Lady Mary, they can create problems. In business, problems cost money.


I remember in high school any time I liked a boy or started dating someone, one of my ‘unhappy’ female friends would swoop in and take what was mine. The other girls would just say: “Oh her mother is an alcoholic. She’s an unhappy mess. Don’t be mad at her!”


The ‘happy’ friend gets screwed.


I finally got smart and started dating boys at other schools.


And that’s what you have to do. Outsmart the unhappy people before they start causing drama, giving you unsolicited advice, and start to put you down.


Do what I do, put them at an arms distance. If they have disrespected you once, and made you look bad, they will do it again. It suddenly becomes a habit they can not control.


Once you are happy and vibing at a higher frequency, the low energy unhappy friends are vibing at a much lower frequency. Both of you will clash.


The fact of the matter is, you have to hang out with people who are doing the same things you are. Are meeting your same vibration. Because your unhappy friends are going to create endless drama.


Take a break. Give them a chance to get happy. And if they show you respect, then perhaps give them a second chance.





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