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Are You Dating A Narcissist?

Handsome narcissistic suit proud young man looking himself in the mirror

Advice from the Notoriuslysinglegirl:

Dear Notoriuslysinglegirl


I went on a Tinder date. My date suggested brunch, I had never had a brunch date before and thought it was a bit odd, but since both of our schedules were busy I agreed.


I ordered the eggs benedict; he had the locks, bagels and black coffee.


The date started well, until I noticed that this guy kept talking about himself. His hobbies, his favorite TV shows, and even what his favorite meal that his mother makes for him on Tuesdays was!


I didn’t know what else to do but listen smile and nod. The date dragged on, and on and on!


Never once did he ask about me, or my interests or hobbies!


Well, at least he paid for my eggs benedict!







Dear Tinderella,


Hmmm… Brunch date on a Sunday?


And the guy just talked about himself…. did he also try to sell you a timeshare? Does anyone even do that anymore?


Sounds like you attended a one man show. And it sounds like you were dating narcissists! Narcissists like an audience and technically that’s what you were, his echo.


Much like the fable of Narcissist and echo, this guy seemed to be self absorbed and just cared about him-self.


Dates should be an even give take where you share about each other, and not only one sided where someone is looking for constant reassurance about themselves, and that’s what you were.


At the very least you got some eggs benedict out of the situation. And I personally would not go out with this guy again unless you would like an encore of his one-man show!


And as you know there are plenty of men on Tinder… and also in the actual three-dimensional world!




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2 Responses to “Are You Dating A Narcissist?”

  1. missbigheart

    Omg, sounds like every Sunday morning breakfast when I was married to an overt narcissist!! Heed her advice tinderella. Narcissists are NO fun. I would know as I’m on narcissist boyfriend #2 now. Good luck on your quest for narc free love!


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