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Kickin it old school @Melvyns Palm Springs

Palm Springs weekend… Where would the Rat Pack go if they were in town? And for all the millennialist that read my blog, that’s not actually a pack of rats!

Well I guess if they were still alive they would be at Melvyn’s!

Melvyn’s is an old school piano bar that transports you back into time! As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by a maitre d wearing a tux, and waitresses dressed in classy cocktail dresses!


It’s the type of bar that makes you want to order a dry martini shaken not stirred with three olives. A piano player is playing tunes while an interesting crowd dances on the 1980’s disco dance floor!

The food is old school continental. Oysters Rockefeller, escargot, and shrimp cocktail are some of the hot items. Since it was late and the kitchen was closing I had the slides which tasted very 1980s like my mom use to make!

Melvyn hangs out at the bar and I was able to get a #Selfie with him. I wonder if he would put it up on the wall next to Liza and Franks pictures?








Melvyn’s is a definite must see if you want to go back in time … And experience old Palm Springs!

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