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What’s for dinner? @OsteriaMozza, West Hollywood

Osteria Mozza oh so chic! Sitting at the bar is a voyeurs delight! Complete with a birds eye view of what’s going on in the kitchen and which celebrity is walking through the door!

The decor is amazing an eclectic with a mix a mesh of funky antiques….

From the mozzarella bar I highly suggest the smoked buffala mozzarella and prosciutto di Parma. Being Italian… (And yes I’m a real Italian with parents straight off the boat from Bari) I’m incredibly picky about my mozzarella, and Osteria Mozza does it justice! They should that’s what they are all about! Paired with a an il postino cocktail.


The ricotta and egg raviolo drenched in brown butter sauce seems to be one of the signature “primi” dishes! I loved the oozing egg yolk as the raviolo was split!



Although the calf brain ravioli was tempting, I decided to go for the gnocchi and duck ragu! So yummy!


Can’t forget the greens….the sautéed bloomsdale spinach with crisp garlic was perfect!



A must try if you’ve never been! Hint to the wise… It’s best to #Uber or #Lyft and enjoy your evening stress free!

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