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My 99 cent Beauty Secret: The Nupore Mask


Secrets! I hate keeping them. As a kid I never could. But I’m divulging this one.. Too good to keep to myself!

I absolutely love these ‘Nupore’ facial masks from the ninety nine cent store.


You get two masks for ninety nine cents! I’ve seen them sold at Korean spas for about five dollars plus tax! A beauty bargain indeed!


This is what they look like : a word of warning: do not use with a significant other, you look like a mummy! Unless you do tandem facials, and why not they are only ninety nine cents!

I love taking them with me on business trips. So great to slap one on after a long day of meetings and a relaxing shower. Also good to use before that special date or a serial Tinder date.

I love the way they make my face feel smooth and a bit tightened up.

A definite must try if you are on a budget or not!

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