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Dating Advice: “When is the appropriate time to lock in that dinner date?”


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Dear Notoriously Single Girl,

Just say you are supposed to meet up with a causal date for dinner. What is the acceptable time during the day for the date to contact you to set up said dinner? If its close to 5pm and no contact has been established, is it acceptable to blow it off and stay home and watch Modern Family reruns?

Jus wondering,

Lively in La Jolla


Dear Lively in La Jolla,

Oh Tisk Tisk Darling!

It is safe to say that if it is close to 5pm and no dinner plans have been confirmed, the date is definitely a NO GO!

And where were you thinking of dinning? Certainly not Bestia, Rao’s, or Table 21! Those places need reservations weeks, months, and sometimes years in advance!

Where were you headed? 7-11? Mc Donalds? Or perhaps In N Out?

A proper human being who does not live in the gutter knows that time is precious! Especially in Los Angeles where we have to take traffic into consideration!

I mean really darling!

It takes time to get ready: to primp, prime, and of course shave those unmentionable areas! Pretty doesn’t just come in a package!

Respect towards you should be shown by confirming plans for dinner at least one day in advance.

Perhaps a second confirmation no later that twelve o’clock pm on the day of the date is also acceptable.

Now of course we have to give the person the benefit of the doubt: they could be dead, held hostage, or feeding their cat.

Nonetheless, you can do one of three things:

1. Give he or she one more chance and make them pay for the dinner date.

2. Be a stalker and go over to their place and watch them from a window.

3. Say: “Bye Felicia” and just stay home order some good Chinese food with an expensive bottle of wine and watch “Modern Family!”


Good Luck Next Time Lively in La Jolla!

If you would like to submit a dating question, please email: and I will publish your question with an answer! I’m planning to post one question and answer per week!



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