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Controversial Cali Foi Gras


I remember in 2012 when a few friends and I congregated at Umami burger in #DTLA to savor the last foi gras donut before Arnold Swartzeneger passed the law to forever ban foi gras!

Well forever apparently doesn’t exist in California as the law was overturned at least for now!

Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach was where I chose to enjoy this delicacy! The foi gras with orange sauce, tangerines and chicharon was what we chose to order. Lightly seared, the goose liver foi gras had a beautiful fatty buttery taste that even a few non foi gras believers at the table became immediately hooked!


The truffle fries were delicious and a great side along with the Brussel sprouts!


I would suggest heading over to Hot’s Kitchen soon, who knows how long foi gras will be legal in Cali! Get it while you can!

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