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Top 3 Writing Spaces in Palm Springs

It’s November and time for NANOWRIMO! I’ve heard of this writing extravaganza also know as National Writing Month where you take up the challenge to write fifty thousand words in one month. Basically that’s the size of a novel, and one thousand six hundred and sixty six words per day! This year I’m jumping in and taking the challenge!


I decided to start off my NANOWRIMO experience in Palm Springs. My top three writing spots are:


1. Ernest Coffee



A cool coffee house named after one of the great writers Ernest Hemingway! If you are looking for inspiration, great coffee and mimosas all day everyday, this is the perfect place! Its surroundings are unique with orange tiki torches outside and book wallpaper on the walls!





They serve Stumptown coffee, wine, and charcuterie platters. The place has a great vibe and the best part is that they are open from 6 am to 12 am daily. I love writing here and occasionally tutor a friend on the creative writing experience. I always feel as if I’m in an eclectic library that allows me to focus on my writing with the retro beats complementing the whole experience and opening up my senses.









Open 6am daily // Coffee served all day // Wine, beer, charcuterie & cheese plates available 4pm to midnight // 1101 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs CA // Look for the tiki torches…



  1. Koffi on Palm Canyon

When talk about Palm Springs the first thing that comes to mind is Koffi! Koffi has three locations but my favorite is the one on Palm Canyon drive. They are the only specialty coffee retailer with a roasting facility in the Coachella Valley.









I love their coffee and I also love sitting in their back patio in the early morning taking in the crisp desert air and beautiful view of the mountains. It’s a great place to journal and writing down those precious gems your subconscious mind throws out at you as soon as you wake up! Koffi offers a variety and delicious muffins and scones! My favorites: the pumpkin muffins and the trail mix scones! Koffi is open daily from 5:30 am-7pm.


Koffi's back patio

Koffi’s back patio



  1. The Parker Hotel

The Parker Palm Springs is a beautiful hotel all dressed up in retro chic. Just walking through the front lobby stimulates my creative brain cells with all the furnishings and colors. I like to sit in the open lobby area next to the fireplace and swinging furry chairs.

Outside at the Parker Palm Springs

Outside at the Parker Palm Springs

I like to sink down in a comfy cozy chair and channel my characters through my computer! The food is excellent and I recently had a burger accompanied by a cocktail.

The eclectic fireplace, Parker Palm Springs

The eclectic fireplace, Parker Palm Springs

The whole experience was amazing which allowed me to escape and write two thousand words.

A feast for the senses, Lobby Parker Palm Springs

A feast for the senses, Lobby Parker Palm Springs


This weekend was a great start to NANOWRIMO 2014 with almost six thousand words written. If you are feeling blocked and want a writing escape Palm Springs is the perfect creative space to unlock those barriers!





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