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A Coffee Lover’s Dream:Coffee Con Los Angeles 2014

Turkish coffee at Coffee-Con Los Angeles 2014

First there was Comic Con, and then Hello Kitty Con and finally especially for me, there is Coffee Con 2014. One of my greatest loves in this world is definitely coffee! I have been drinking it since I was one year old, when my Italian parents would mix a few spoons of espresso milk, a raw egg, and a teaspoon of sugar in a morning smoothie. The coffee was for energy, that’s what they said, but hey that was the seventies!


This weekend I had the pleasure of sipping several different specialty coffees in Los Angeles. The Coffee Con 2014 event took place at the famous Mack Senett studios in East Hollywood put on by coffee enthusiast Kevin Sinott.



I had the opportunity to learn about different types of coffee, roasting methods, blends, coffee makers, importance of water, the science of coffee, butter coffee, Chemex, growing methods, fair trade and so much more from this amazing event. Classes on these various subjects were held all day long. The drinking chocolate presentation by ‘TCHO’ was by far my favorite, and my favorite drink at the event. Who can resist drinking thick dark yummy chocolate?

TCHO sipping chocolate

TCHO sipping chocolate


The most beautiful coffee presentation and set up goes to the Turkish Coffee World. Their demi tasse and Turkish coffee pots were ultra chic and full of eye-popping color! And the coffee itself was not too shabby.

Turkish Coffee by Turkish Coffee World

Turkish Coffee by Turkish Coffee World



I even gave myself a Turkish coffee ground reading at the end of my tasting. Basically, the images that appeared at the bottom of my cup looked like: a scorpion with a crown. The interpretation: (scorpion) sex, defensiveness, being alone, passion, treachery (Crown) power, majestic, authority, triumph, and immortality. Interesting and I can say it indeed holds truth to what’s been happening in my personal life going through a transition of sorts.

My Turkish Coffee Ground Reading: Scorpion and Crown

My Turkish Coffee Ground Reading: Scorpion and Crown

Rows and rows of coffee people with different methods of brewing coffee offering samples from: glass funnel slow brew, ceramic slow brew, espresso makers, Chemex brewing and then some! The slow brews were a bit too ‘slow’ for me. The approximate wait time for a slow brew is about eight to eleven minutes, plenty of time to mediate and get in some ohms in the early morning. My ultimate favorite was the espresso being brewed by Peets coffee. What can I say, I’m Italian and I love a good espresso!


I also had the opportunity to attend a special luncheon where we discussed Kitchen Aide’s new pour over coffee maker. A focus group discussion was held on how the coffee maker functioned along with the ritual of coffee. Italians have strong coffee rituals that can vary from having it in the morning for ‘colazione’ (breakfast), to having an espresso at the various bars located on street corners, shopping malls and airports. Coffee in Italy is an art indeed. My Italian family often scoff at American coffee calling it ‘water!’

Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker

Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker

I’m happy to see a beautiful coffee renaissance happening in Los Angeles, with several different types of coffees from pour overs, to fancy lattes topped of with a picture! Coffee Con 2014 was indeed a fun event that left me extremely alert and much more informed about where coffee comes from and it’s many unique brew methods!

If you are in New York, Coffee Con will be coming your way February 2015! Check out for more details. Can’t wait till next year!


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