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The #SelfieDate



It’s summer in Los Angeles. The city is screaming with eclectic activities from concerts in the park to movies in old cemeteries. Itineraries fill up quickly, especially if you have frequent planner friends. You know who I’m talking about, those people that have the next 6 months of their lives planned out on their iPhones. Those are the people that you probably only see at funerals or occasionally at Starbucks.


On one particular Saturday evening, I noticed Chris Isaac was playing at the Hollywood Bowl, just over the hill from me. There was one problem; I had no one to go with!


What’s a “Notoriuoslysinglegirl” to do? Go out on a #SelfieDate! Of course it’s not my first, nor will it ever be my last.


I vaguly remember my first #SelfieDate. I think that it may have been at a bar having dinner, or at a bookstore, or the movies? Quite honestly, I can’t remember when my first #SelfieDate was since I’ve been dating myself for a long time. I actually try to go out on one #SelfieDate a month.


The dates are fun now that I’ve gotten use to myself! I guess you can say dating yourself is kind of like dating another person. It’s a bit awkward at first, I mean you have to get to know yourself. Putting yourself in a vulnerable position like hanging out all by yourself is a great way to get connected!


That’s right hanging with your self! Just think it’s the only way to find out if you really like yourself? I mean if you don’t like yourself, how do you really expect someone else to like you?


Going out on #SelfieDates in public is the best way to get to know yourself.


Sure it’s incredibly intimidating. You are out in public A L O N E. You think everyone’s staring at you and wondering: ”Look at that girl, she is all by herself!” Well, news flash those people probably don’t care that you are by yourself. That’s just your ego! And basically you have to tell it to shut up! And once you are in the flow and enjoy being with alone on #SelfieDates, the ego or that voice in your head just gets use to it, and starts to cheer you on with: “Yay a date with my true love!”


On one particular #SelfieDate I treated myself to brunch. My waiter asked why I was alone. I explained to him that I was on a #SelfieDate. As he placed my mimosa on my table in a Hispanic accent he stated: “Miss you too pretty to be dating yourself!”


There are a lot of positive’s when you are out on a #SelfieDate like: you can take your time because no one is waiting for you, you don’t have to be disappointed when someone is late, you can eat what ever, whenever, wherever you want, you can wear anything or nothing at all, you can focus on watching a movie because no one is talking, crying or snoring during it (at least no one you personally know), you don’t have to argue when the bill comes (if you do start arguing with yourself then people may think you mental problems so try not to do it!) you can meet new people and have non judgmental fun!


Some of my best dates have been #SelfieDates. I’ve always been allowed to be myself, there is no drama, and I can go home whenever I want to.


On my recent #SelfieDate at the Hollywood Bowl to see Chris Isaac in concert, I had an amazing time. Before the show, I stopped off at Trader Joe’s to pick up some sushi for one, and of course some chocolate. Meanwhile at the Hollywood Bowl I also added an ice cold Blue Moon which completed my #SelfiePicnic.



There were also other #SelfieDaters in the bleachers. We just smiled at each other.


Another plus to being on a #SelfieDate, is that it leaves you open to meeting new people. And my new friends for the night and I all swooned to Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game!”


At one point he sang a song made famous by Roy Orbison called “Only The Lonely” and after the song he did say: “if some of you are here tonight by yourself, you may want to ask yourself why! “


I was forever inclined to stand up and say: “Cuz I’m on a #SelfieDate!” But I didn’t, and in a free country everyone has a right to have their own opinions.


Anyway, don’t wait for a funeral to have a social occasion, and forget your friends whose iphones are too full to acknowledge you. Get up and take yourself out on a #SelfieDate today! After all life is meant to be lived !

2 Responses to “The #SelfieDate”

  1. NdeJo

    Damn right! I love selfiedates. Same as how I love to travel by myself. It has opened more doors for me I could ever have imagined. You get more inspired by everything life is presenting you. Why miss a movie at the cinema because your friends don’t have time or don’t have the same taste?! Must admit that it also costs some drama everything now and then, friends or fam being insulted I don’t ask them to come along. But all I can respond at those occations is: If you want to do it, DO IT, you want to go there, GO THERE. Nobody is stopping you. Don’t let it depent on anyone else, especially not me. I love my BFF for being exactly the same. And we can only support and get exited about each others life adventures. Way to go!


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