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Pretty Ugly Fashion: Is The Birkenstock Really The Summer Trend For 2014?


I’ve seen people tweeting about them. Little by little I’ve seen people sporting them around town. My cousin’s daughter in Italy was wearing them in a picture on face book. I really didn’t think they were a trend. Quite honestly, I thought people were just being thrifty and taking their old shoes out of the closet. But according to Vogue, they are calling the Birkenstock: “Pretty Ugly Fashion.”


Birkenstocks remind me of Catholic School. Every time I see a pair, I’m taken back to first grade at St. Dominic’s where I was about 6 or 7 years old. That was the first time I laid eyes on them. My teacher, Sister James was wearing them.

images I don’t know why, but I remember them like it was just yesterday. For some reason that image was burned into my brain, for the rest of eternity! Sister James wearing her white Dominican dress complete with black habit, brown panty hoes that sometimes had holes in them and lacked a sandal toe, complete with brown suede leather Birkenstocks.

I know it’s a trend, but I’m not sure if I can bring myself to purchase a pair. I mean all I can think about is the nuns at St. Dominic’s, and Catholic School! Of course not all the nuns were mean though, and Sister James was pretty cool, but how can this shoe be the summer trend for 2014?birkenstock-1_123124182112.jpg_gallery_max   Fashion stylists at Vogue are calling them: “The most comfortable sandal which is having a stylish renaissance.” I will admit that the shoe does not just come in the original “Hippie/Nun” brown, but there are a variety of colors and styles. The more I look at them online, the more I want a pair!

Vogue does suggest pairing the shoes with a fresh pedicure, and in order to take a detour from the “Hippie/Nun” look, pick the patent leather and metallic styles that seem a bit more chic and trendy.

The price tag for the sandal is about ninety dollars; well they are made of leather, and will probably last awhile until the trend comes back again.   The deeper I get into this blog, the more I want to buy into the “Pretty Ugly” fashion trend of summer 2014. All I need is a pretty dress to go along with an ugly shoe!

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