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New Year New You

All is quiet on New Years Day

A world in white is underway

I want to be with you

New Years Day U2

It’s 2023.

It’s time to start doing things differently.

Definitely dating differently.

I’ve been single for quite a long time.

It’s true I do love the single life.

But I believe that “true unconditional love” is real.

I won’t settle until I find it.

A disgruntled unhappy female neighbor, who lives next door to me once said to me “your problem is you don’t ‘have’ a man. Get married!”

I laughed when she said ‘have’ as if she was claiming ‘ownership’ to her man.

No, I don’t want to ‘own’ anyone.

And of course we all know that people ‘project’ their unhappiness on to others.

There’s many times I heard this woman screaming at her “owned “ husband. She called him the “N” word. I heard her say things like “ I’m mad at you because you are not doing what I say. I’m not playing with you anymore.”

She sounded like a little girl talking to a broken toy. Her Ken doll was no longer functioning in a way that she ‘programmed’ him to. She kept calling him all kinds of dysfunctional names but the “N” word Is what got to me.

If you truly love someone, why would you call them the “N” word. That’s not LOVE. Perhaps it’s addiction. Maybe you can call it obsession. Call it what you will but that’s not LOVE. 

People are programmed to think ‘dysfunction’ and calling your significant other derogatory names is normal. Especially if you grew up with that kind of thing going on.

It’s purely unconscious. It’s as if this woman is sleeping walking through life constantly replaying her own dramas from childhood into the real world.

She’s often screamed out to me “No one likes you !”

Again another bizarre statement from a wounded child who doesn’t know what a boundary is and how to respect other peoples boundaries.

But, you can’t expect someone to respect a boundary when they have none of their own.

People think that just because you’re single’ without children, your life doesn’t matter. That something is wrong with you. You are not like everyone else. You’re different. What you want doesn’t matter. You’re peace doesn’t matter.

Therefore your boundaries don’t matter.

It’s quite the contrary. And you really can’t judge someone when you know nothing about them or their life. Judging someone regarding their marital status tells you nothing about them. it’s actually a sign that you’re completely ignorant and asleep. You’re technically branding yourself as an NPC.

It’s 2023. Wake up. Live you’re life. You only have one. It’s your screenplay. Make it count!

For more information on EMOTIONS please listen to The Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast

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