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There’s A New “Sexy” Coffee in Town #100DaysOf Summer

Everyone believes in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee.

Lemon Coffee

There’s a new coffee shop in Eagle Rock. Unincorporated Coffee has taken over the Sworks Coffee location at the corner of Colorado and Eagle Rock Blvd.

This is literally my 3rd cup of coffee on a Sunday, but who could resist a “Lemon Coffee?” Of course I asked for a decaf in order to keep my heart palpitations at bay.

Yeah, I know… it kind of sounds weird, lemon + coffee. It’s actually amazing and quite refreshing blend of lemon tea, coffee, and some fresh mint leaves, not too sweet, nor too bitter… its just right. Perfect for a hot and sweaty summer Sunday in Los Angeles.

I love the eclectic branding of this place.

Who doesn’t want a “sexy” coffee?

And of course I love, love love their logo. Kinda reminds me of that one guy I dated who sported a twirled up mustache and “Pirates of the Caribbean” tattoo. I wonder what ever happened to him? Like they say in the POTC “Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

Unincorporated is a swanky cool fee shop. The location was once a pharmacy called “Rexall’s.” As a kid I use to frequent Rexalls with several of my Catholic school friends. We’d buy Lemmon Heads and Nerds candies. Even when the location was turned into Sworks I could always smell that same dank medicinal odor. It always took me back to that time in elementary school. Although that smell seems to be gone,I do believe the coffee shop is still very haunted.

Today was Unincorporated’s soft opening. Im glad to have caught it. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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