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Sorry if I 1/2 ghosted you but… #themonthoflove

Happiness is the China shop; Love is the bull

H.L. Menecken

To ghost or to be ghosted, that is the question.

Yes, it’s true I ghosted someone. But, is it truly ghosting when you’ve never met the person in real life? I think it’s a half ghost, perhaps. Like someone who’s near death, living in the in between, and they can’t really decide if they want to live or die. That’s a half ghosted.

I guess that’s what I’ll call this story then, the guy I half ghosted.

It’s started on Bumble. I swiped right on a guy who was pictured riding a motorcycle. He had that James Dean “Rebel without a cause” ‘Je nai se qai’ about him.

We exchanged hello’s. Started some idle chit chat. Then he asked me out.

Here’s where it started going wrong.:

He asked me out to lunch. Then said it depended upon getting his car back from the shop. I changed the date to next week. He changed it back to today depending on his car. Then he complained about money.

I’m sure you can see the red flags already developing. He expects me to wait for him, of course he’s a libra. I never do well with Libra’s. They expect you to wait and they can never make up their minds.

Then he sends me a picture of his car and motorcycle.

My eyes start to roll since now I’m convinced this guy is living in his teenage boy self, he’s still in high school in his head.

I remember those days in high school. I had a friend named David. His dad owned a used car lot. He drove a BMW and an RX7.

David was in love with my friend Stacy. He told me I could drive the RX7 anytime I wanted if I could set him up on a date with Stacy.

Stacy had a boyfriend in the Marines. He was violent and away at boot camp. He also drove an RX7. So, what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

I played Cupid and hooked David and Stacy up. It was a forbidden love. It was secret for awhile until they both won prom king and queen.

And yes, I did get to drive the RX7, but I didn’t have a license.

I’m a solutions type of gal. My mother would have killed me if she found me driving without a license. So, I got my friend Desiree to be my chauffeur.

We had some pretty good times driving around all day in an RX7 that didn’t belong to us. Although we did have to take David to work at Spencers and pick him up when he was done.

We’d ditch and go have lunch at Sizzler’s the one in Glendale cuz we’d probably get caught in Eagle Rock. Those were some fun times.

Back to my ghosting story.

The guy I ghosted would send me updates regarding his car. I really could care less. I was going about my day.

I went for a walk. Did some research for an article I was writing. I sat and had barbacoa tacos at the Miracle Bakery while doing some writing.

He texted another picture of sunglasses. Said he was heading to his place of business. He said he’d follow up with me later since he got off at 11pm?

I asked him “For what?”

He responded “LOL you are funny!”

Was the date suppose to happen at 11pm? I was really confused at this point.

Then I deleted him off my Bumble and blocked him from my phone. Ghosted.

No one has time for this nonsense. Not in 2022.

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