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Boo… you got ghosted! Why it’s probably a good thing… #themonthoflove

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get. Only with what you are expected to give which is everything.

Katherine Hepburn

Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl,

I got ghosted. It sucks.

I liked this guy, I really did. But I was on the fence about him.

We had a great time together. We connected on music. Art. And sometimes even food.

We hugged. We kissed. We held hands.

There was loads of PDA.

And then one day after a weekend excursion, he stopped returning by text messages.

Yes, it’s true, he showed signs of alcoholism. He drank way too much. I couldn’t keep up.

He could have been using crystal meth.

It’s sad. But I’m kinda glad he pulled the plug. I was getting in too deep I really didn’t know what to do?

Is it wrong to think about him?

Sincerely On The Fence

Never make someone else the main character of your story.

J.M Darhower, Ghosted

Dear on the fence,

The above quote says it best. Never make anyone the main character in your personal story.

When someone ghosts us, it’s really never about us.

I remember one guy who ghosted me before ghosting was ever a thing. We clicked we had a great date, and then he disappeared.

Then a year later I ran into him at a party.

“ Sorry I never called you back. I really liked you. I found out I got another girl pregnant. Now I have a daughter. I also found out my father was dying of cancer.”

Ouf… this guy had a whole lot going on that had nothing to do with me!

Later, I bumped into him again at a bar. I was talking to my old prom date who I hadn’t seen in 20 years. We were laughing and connecting since the meeting was serendipitous.

The former ghost guy had the balls to interrupt my conversation with my old prom date and cock block him. What the hell. He literally got in Between us and started to talk to me.

I turned around to see that my old prom date had left.

Although, it seemed like this ghost guy was now sharing his drama. I was glad nothing happened between my old prom date and I. He turned out to be a strict Jehovahas Witness, who became radical and ended up having tons of psych issues.

My point: it’s always a blessing when someone ghosts you! They are opening the path to someone better.

Sure, you can think of the fun times you had with the guy, why not?

Soon the memories will fade, just like he faded out of your life.

Cheers to the month of L-O-V-E ❤️happy dating!

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