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That One Time I Worked In #Bakersfield #Tacotuesday @Mexicali

The Road Had The Lonely Times But I Kept Myself Busy…

Buck Owens

When you feel the cold morning air on your face slapped with the sweet scent of manure, you know you are in Bakersfield, California!

There’s only one place in town that took me back to 1973 on #tacotuesday and that had to be Mexicali. That place with the ginormous neon cactus sign out front.

It’s a place I can see Quentin Tarrentino sitting at finishing his latest screenplay….Or at the very least one of his colorful characters.

And yes on TT this place gets jam packed! I tried to sit at the bar but “ No Bueno” since it’s a locals hang, and no seats available! You know the margaritas have to be “Delicioso!”

I could see Quentin hanging here with his incandescent smirk and saying something like “Whatcha lookin at Muchacho?”

The margaritas on the rocks were muy sabroso.

And so were the crispy shelled tacos : beef, chicken, and chile verde!

Who doesn’t love some hot spicey queso?

Chocolate Moose topped my evening off! With lots of whipped cream and a cherry of course a much needed cherry….!

If you are ever in Bakersfield California on a Taco Tuesday and want to step into a time warp Mexicali is the place to hang!

It was cozy after a long 10 hr day. I went back a few more times and even had a date with a Texan as tall as the cactus sign!

It’s muy rico chico!

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