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#12DaysOfChristmas Nurses Save Lives

Oh … You’re a NURSE … that’s such a noble profession!

-Awkward People Who Don’t Know What To Say

It’s hot. I’m sweaty. There’s some type of boom boom retro funk music playing. There’s a girl riding a bike prophetically coaching me through it all as I pedal mindlessly on a stationary bike.

There’s a girl that drops to the floor. There’s a guy trying to hold her up. Till I dismount my bike . My brain quickly shifts into NURSE ” Hey you gotta save a life mode!”

The girl literally collapses into this big guys arms in the dark sweaty room. I start to bark out orders “Pick her up!” As I reach down grab her feet and bring her into the cool air conditioned room as I hold up her legs in reverse trendelenburg Her eyes are open she’s talking. ” I’m just dehydrated!” She says.

“I’m calling 911!” The prophetic teacher yells.

“Don’t … it’s expensive! She just fainted. She just needs electrolytes. She’s talking. She’s alert and oriented x4 she didn’t hit her head. She’ll be fine.

After a few minutes, the front desk girl brings her some electrolytes and I returned to the hot room to continue with my cycling. She assures me she’s fine and continues to recuperate on the floor.

After the class, I see the “patient” sitting in the front entrance. Sipping her electrolyte water.I asked how she was feeling. “Better” she replied. Her cheeks were pink. Her eyes clear. She just saved $10,000, and who knows how much more if she was taken to the ER.

Being a NURSE for the past 20 odd years has been both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I get healthcare. I can help people. I know how to maneuver the system.

A curse because I end up saving the wrong people ( it’s deeply embedded in my subconscious programming) no one really understands what I do… or what NURSES do in general. The media has skewed the Nursing image royally.

2020 is the year of the NURSE!

If there’s a nurse in your life you’re lucky! You have an empathic person that knows how to listen. Knows how to nurture. And knows how to pound a chest 15 beats to 2 breaths to save your ass!

If you want to date a nurse … don’t be an ass but learn to reciprocate what you’re getting!

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