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Brunch On Monday @FigaroCafe, Los Feliz

Ah, Monday… not so great to start off with a meeting where an old hag lies to you in your face! 

But what can you do…except for adopt the Mandela effect and reset and go back to Sunday and have brunch at your favorite cafe! 

And for me me it’s the Figaro Cafe on Vermont in Los Feliz.

I ordered : Le crabe facon benedicte .. crab cakes Benedict for you Americans! I love the French and they just say ” Merd” to anything they don’t like! And “Cest la vie” and get on with their lives…

Besides… I don’t have times to waste with old hags. Time is precious.  I have a 2000 word deadline due for a feature in less than 4 days! Yikes! 

Back to work. Back to making Monday great again.. “Viva la France!” And this amazing breadbasket! 

Chin chin! 🇫🇷 

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