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#SundayMorning: How To Tie A Tie

Apparently Oscar Wilde said it best, along with Boyd’s Morning Coffee.

As I was making a cup of Boyd’s Morning coffee this morning for some odd reason this caught my eye. I never read the packaging on coffee. I just make it. I either grind the beans take a whiff or open the ground coffee bag and just dump it inside my coffee maker half asleep.

But for some reason this morning  the back of the package caught my eye. Along with brewing instructions I read the instructions on “How To Tie A Tie.”

It occurred to me, I don’t know how to tie a mans neck tie. 

When I was married, my husband tied his own ties. He was a banker and took such pleasure in tieing them. Silently, I was thankful.

As a child  I watched my mom tie my dad’s ties. Still to this day she continues. But she’s a seamstress. A professional in that arena. She’s an expert in men’s suits and has worked for Dolce Gabana, and Nordstroms. It’s her niche definitely not mine. I can stick IV needles and catheters in people but ties have never been my thing. 

So that got me thinking: maybe I should learn how to tie one? 


Buon Giorno… and Enjoy ☕️ 

And thank you to Boyd’s for the lesson! 

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