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#BoobieTrapLA Show #99

Spontaneity is such an interesting facet of show business

-Chuck Barris 

LALA land. Such an amazing place and I’m happy to be a native mainly because of its openess to wacky creative people. This week we mourn the death of Chuck Barris creator of great shows like “The Gong Show.” I remember watching the gong show as a kid. It was eclectic, creative, and incredibly funny. There was always a cast of outlandish characters that I loved to see gonged! 

I received a phone call on Wednesday afternoon from my friend Abby ” Come to Scot Nery’s Bobbie Trap, I’m telling a story. It’s his 99th show!” 

I found myself traveling to the armpit of Los Angeles known as West Adams to the iconic ” Fais do do.”

I parked across the street and a guy encouraged me to jaywalk, “Come on, we all break the law once and awhile. It’s ok!” 

Technically, I was more concerned with getting hit by a car and ending up paralyzed in an ICU somewhere. He was so generous to stop traffic for me as I crossed. Chivalry still exists.

As I entered I was greeted by my friend Brandon who was also telling a story. And several other eclectic carnival looking folk including this clown. 

Scot Nery is the producer/ host of the show that is much like the gong show minus the gong. He has a zany personality on stage. Balances 10 chairs on his chin. Is incredibly flexible performing hand stands and pretzelesque yoga poses on stage. Oh and he’s generous too! Mid show, he throws snacks out to the audience. 

My friend Abby told some great child poems.

And my friend Brandon never fails with tales of the crazy women he dates. 

There was an annoying caterpillar who couldn’t turn into a butterfly.

A guy with a sexy hairy chest that made his pectoral muscles dance to music.

And he did some handstands in his underwear.


There were magicians, clowns, ukulele songstresses. A dance group of nonsensical dancers.

Areal acrobats and a few other wacky acts.

Scot Nery on stage said” I’ve been performing since the age of 11. I would go door to door performing magic tricks for hire.”

I don’t watch mainstream tv but, Someone needs to give this guy a tv job. Technically, he’s the new Chuck Barris. Maybe he could take over Jimmy Kimmels job at ABC. Scot is actually FUNNY and let’s not forget flexible!

Checkout his 100th show next Wednesday! It’s sure to be nuts!


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