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Oscar Drama: The Real Reason MoonLight Was Such A “Shocker!”

Theater is SHOCKING!

-Some Guy That Use To Be My Writing Mentor

For those of us that live in “HollyWeird,” life is shocking. On the Friday eve of the Oscar’s I was grilling a couple of petite fillets doused in white truffle oil, with my bestie on a Penthouse  rooftop off of Hollywood and Highland. Streets were shut down on Hollywood blvd to prepare for the event, and helicopters flew overhead due to the suicide of a Magician that happened across the street at the Magic Castle. But that’s life in LaLa Land…

In order to get people to wake up, especially in “Hollyweird,” theater must be shocking or at the very least dramatic as is life here.

 Thanks to Warren Beaty for reminding us that we are all “still” human beings who can make mistakes. Which in my opinion made people pay more attention to “MoonLight.”


Well, at least I did. I don’t have regular cable, but caught wind of the drama as it was happening via the twitter fire. I watched several recaps online which then made me go to Amazon and purchase the movie to watch what all the “shock” factor was about. Amazon should give Warren some residuals for his very “Hollywood” advertising of the film.

When  “MoonLight” came out during the holidays, I wanted to see it on the big screen. The reason why I didn’t see it, people’s interpretation: It’s about a black gay man, it’s sad but good. I wasn’t in the mood to see a “sad” movie during the holidays. And when the holidays passed, I completely forgot about the film.


But due to all the commotion, I was able to get it on Amazon, and perhaps watch with a much more critical eye.

Unfortunately,people’s interpretation of this movie “just” being about a black gay man, is wrong, it’s so much more!

It’s about what’s going on in society today. It’s a great METAPHOR of what’s going on in Hollywood and Life!

The constant fight between the divine masculine and feminine. The movie symbolism does it’s due poetic justice. And the fact  that life is not so much a “Hollywood Fairytale.”

The curtain was pulled to expose this when LaLa Land was erroneously nominated for Best Picture… no, life is not alway a hollywood musical….

Although the screen writing in MoonLight is predictable, and very “save the cat,” it does hold a powerful message: males in our society are not allowed to show their feelings aka “Boy’s Don’t Cry.” We see this with Chiron the protagonist of the film whose mother is drug addicted and can not give him the unconditional love a child needs to grow. I won’t spoil the movie for you, since I believe everyone should see this film, but not just as a “gay” film, but as a film about what unconditional LOVE is all about. About what happens to a child when they are deprived of this in their lives. About the importance of the males in our society to show emotion (gay or straight) and integration of their divine feminine which all men have but is repressed due to society’s non acceptance.

I’ve spent the last 20 years working with children who were hospitalized. And it always pained me when a child was scared or afraid and their parents told them not to cry or show their “emotions.” I as the “advocate” and Nurse Practitioner would always step in and tell the child: “It’s ok to show your emotions: anger, fear, sadness, happiness, love etc.,” Emotions are what makes us human and cutting unconditional love off is devastating.

I urge whoever reads this blog to watch Moonlight with a more critical eye … and perhaps come up with your own interpretation of what the movie is about!

Don’t forget the popcorn and perhaps tissue…



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