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When “Love” Get’s Placed On The Shelf…

Happy February❤! The month made famous by consumerists everywhere! And those who actually “Love” to “Love!” 

For the month of January I took a much needed blog hiatus… but I’m back ! And all month long my topic will of course be about … that’s right love and matters of the ❤.

I’m starting off with my POV with an email from a gal pal:

Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl,

I just got placed on the shelf by a guy! 

Yes things went fast.

We had an intense first date on the French Rivera. It was fun, exotic and full of magic. It was fast, but what do you expect when you are on the ‘Cot d’Azur.’ We splurged on oysters and caviar. The champagne.. well he had an app for that… and it was amazing. 

We talked for hours, danced for days, and never left the bedroom. 

But then it happened … we had a talk ..he ordered himself a whiskey and me a bourbon. I had mentioned how soothing the taste of bourbon was… and then he said we were moving too fast. I was his first since his divorce, and he needed time. 

What’s a girl to do?


Shelved ❤

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe and it has a longer shelf life…

Frank Zappa

I don’t mind if my skull ends up on the shelf as long as it’s got my name on it!

Debbie Harry

Dear Shelved

First of all… who in the hell are you dating? Or were you dating? James Bond…? Really French Riviera? 

Well sister, all I can say is … if you truelly got “shelved” then at least you had a good time… and I hope you got some diamonds to go with those fries… um.. caviar or whatever you ate.

Ah, the shelf life. Been there done that… and never wanna go back! 

First of all: Life is too short to be placed on the shelf, to put the brakes on something somewhat “good” or at least worthy?

Second: the guy sounds like a narcisistic con artist. Do you really believe you were the first one since his ex wife? Did you check his condom drawer? Was the box half full or half empty? Did you get a toothbrush… and again I hope you got diamonds! 

Oof .. the only thing that belongs on the shelf are books. But just like your left over oysters … it seems like he put you in some 99cent store Tupperware and stuck you in the fridge. And oysters go bad quick “Frenchy!” 

It seems like your knight in shining armour must have hit an all time low low low low low low! 

Why did the guy put you on the shelf? Who knows? It happens! 

Men tend to be a lot more fragile than women. Remember, they can’t express their feelings like women do. If they did the planet would be a much more happy place with lots of endless love. But I think Robert Smith  from The Cure said it best: “Boys Don’t Cry” and maybe he’s just hiding the tears in his eyes. 

Like a good book… you need to just close this chapter and move on. Love yourself and find someone Who loves you back the same. Life is short and we are living in tumultuous times. It’s important to live in the moment and seize the day. 

Go out and find yourself a guy whose open, honest and trustworthy. Yeah, he may not be James Bond and whisk you off to the French Riviera… but he’ll probably be ready to give you all the heartwarming hugs you need ! And if you are lucky some diamonds… that will last forever! 

Cheers ❤ & Baci Baci 

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