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Obsessive Text Messages, And Rudeness From Unknown Online Daters: A Notoriouslysinglegirls POV


Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl

In the past few days, I have gotten 2 angry belittling messages from men that I met online whom I’ve never met in person.

One of the men I had a phone conversation with. Although he seemed nice, his life was not in alignment with mine. He suffered 2 divorces, 2 children and 2 foreclosures. I was giving him a chance, however he only had “an hour to meet me,” at odd times.

After a week of no texting, he sent me an angry message about meeting.

The next guy I stopped texting because I felt he kept making fun of me when I would text him that I was exercising. He also kept making fun of my degree. I stopped conversing with him via text, and out of the blue he sent me a long angry text message calling me names, and again making fun of my degree.

I’m confused since both of these so called”MEN” I had never met before. Why would they be angry at me if they have never met me in person?


Too Much Man Drama



Dear Too Much Man Drama

Red Flags galore! And Good for you for not actually meeting these so called “MEN” in person.

The outer world around us has unfortunately become incredibly hostile. People falling off cliffs for playing pokemon, shootings, and presidential candidates that are not so appealing.

Life is stressful. Dating should not be.

Dating should be fun.

But in the words of Maya Angelou: “People will show you and tell you who they are.”

If a man or woman starts to put you down in a text message before they have even met you: DELETE THEM ASAP.

That is a huge red flag. There are billions of people on the planet. Time should not be waisted on hostile individuals who are showing you great disrespect via text.

Now, I know why that one guy was married twice…. he is a drama magnet! And only thinks of himself. If he only has one hour for a date, and would like to pencil you in somewhere in his schedule: he has no time for a relationship. He will be dangling carrots and making the relationship all about his time and not about “OUR” time!

All too often people romanticise online relationships before they meet in person, only to be let down. The online person that they fantasied about in their head for weeks on end has let them down in person hence the show “Catfish!”

Bad behavior should not be tolerated. If you tolerate it, it becomes a plague.

Unfortunately, with all the therapy available in the world… these type of individuals refuse to do the work needed to heal wounds.

The best you can do is watch out for the RED FLAGS and delete them. There is a great button on your phone “DO NOT DISTURB!”

Dating is rough. Please be nice to each other out there! If someone fails to respond, don’t take it personally and move on …. It was probably not meant to be!

Be safe !



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