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The Dark Side Of Being Single: Men Calling Me “Cute! “

“You’re So Cute!” 

That’s what several men have been calling me lately… “Cute!” 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good compliment. However, “CUTE?” And from men who have never met me before. 

I just think it’s strange.

Ok, I say : ” Hey that guy is kind of cute!” To my gal pal. And certain men I say: ” He’s handsome!” 

But I never call anyone “cute” before I meet them. Because in reality: No Adult Is Cute! 

I think it’s weird. And ok I’ve been called “Sexy” it seems much more adult than “cute!”

I started to explore why these men were texting me: “You’re so cute!” 

It was from a particular type of guy. The older guys that lie about their age. The ones that say they are ten years younger than what they post. They also have a child. They also seem incredibly boring. 

Another reason I think these certain types of men online were calling me “cute” was this picture I posted with my profile:

That’s me in the middle… And yes I’m incredibly “cute!” 

Perhaps when they were checking out my profile, this picture stood out in their subconscious. Therefore, I’m now seen as being submissive. And that’s what these particular guys were looking for. Not an equal, not a partner, not someone who can hold up the ship when times get tough. No, someone less than. Someone who needs to be taken care of. 

How do I know this before even meeting these men? The constant text messages that stated those facts…

Please don’t call anyone “cute” before you meet them! Amen! 

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