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On The Hunt For The Perfect Iced Coffee: Civil Coffee & Found

It’s summer in Los Angeles. It’s hot. It’s time for a magnificent magical Iced Coffee!

Where to find one? I’ve actually found two this week: Civil Coffee & Found.

Found: located in Eagle Rock ( my hometown) on Colorado. I hoped in do some writing in free air conditioning! And of course sitting across from me was a dude talking loud on his cell: ” Yes, I’m going over the’treatment’ now!” As he flipped through pages of what looked like a script he was not too fond of! 

Rumor has is Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote ‘Good Will Hunting’ in Eagle Rock. Somewhere on ‘Hill Drive.’ ( don’t quote me!) 

The Borbon Vanilla Iced Latte: the guy reading the script looked up: ” What are you drinking?” 

“Bourbon Vanillla Latte!” Although is doesn’t have real bourbon in it… It’s just the flavor of the vanilla bean. 

It’s oh so yum! Pair it with a snicker doodle cookie.. And you got summer! 

Just over the hill in Highland Park, there’s Civil Coffee. 

Located on the Figueroa civil coffee is a pretty cool. A bit on the loud side as far as music goes! 

Their Lavender Lattte is a must. Hints of lavender adds a great earthy flavor that opens your taste buds into that summer feeling! 

Both Found and Civil Coffee are a must try for a refreshing summer latter on ice! 


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