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David Bowie: RIP


……I wonder what song Bowie listened to as he passed away…. That was the second thought that came through my head as I heard of his passing on Monday morning. My first thought was sadness and remorse.

I know its morbid but Bono from U2 boasts that Joey Ramone’s ( The Ramones) last song that was played on his iPod as he passed was ” In A little while” by of course U2.

On my walk later that morning, complete with a Starbucks coffee dripping down my arm ( yes, I know it’s so LA) I put my headphones on and the first song I listened to was “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. I choked up and shed some tears, after all I did grow up listening to him, watching him on VH1, and MTV, and I even watched him perform live at Dodger Stadium in 1990.

His videos were always the best… Just like mini movies. He was my all time favorite solo musician.

I then decided to take a drive over the “hill” into Hollywood to check out the memorial at his star on the walk of fame.



Plenty of flowers and mourners, along with some DB impersonators.


And I paid tribute with my red shoes as I privately danced the blues.

Planet Earth is definitely blue after this great loss. You will be missed but never forgotten…RIP David Bowie.

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